Chalkboards are a popular feature of contemporary Australian wedding decor. Welcome signs, seating charts, quote signs, directional signs, unplugged ceremony signs... They are a fantastic addition to a rustic theme, especially when framed with stained timber, but can be also be designed to fit themes with lux elements by incorporating gold detail and modern calligraphic fonts.

White lettering with features of coloured illustration on black has a striking look, and KB Lettering enhances this effect by using paint rather than chalk to give a cleaner finish that won't smudge or rub off. Custom-made chalkboards are available to order in a range of sizes, with or without frames. You can place an order request at the bottom of this page - all that is required to book is a $50 deposit!

Chalkboard price list

The following prices are for unframed chalkboards with a word count of 10 or less and simple white illustration. Extra wording will incur additional fees. For chalkboard packages, check out Package Deals; and if you need to hire easels, submit a request through the Hire page.

40 x 10cm Bride & Groom or directional signs: $30ea
40 x 20cm: $45ea
30 x 45cm: $70ea

Add $30 for a timber frame (white or stained & varnished); add $20 for basic colour illustration; large or complex colour illustration is an additional $30-$50

40 x 60cm: $120ea
50 x 70cm: $140ea
60 x 90cm: $160ea

Add $40 for a timber frame (white or stained & varnished); add $25 for basic colour illustration; large or complex illustration is an additional $30-$50

Stained timber signs

Stained timber signs are a gorgeous alternative to chalkboard. They are custom-made here at KB Lettering, and are available in naked, light, medium, rich brown or dark stain. To see what stained timber packages we have available, take a look at the Package Deals link under the Products tab.

Stained timber price list

40 x 10cm Bride & Groom or directional signs: $30ea
20 x 40cm: $50ea
30 x 45cm: $80ea
40 x 60cm: $140ea
50 x 70cm: $160ea
60 x 90cm: $180ea

Add $25 for basic colour illustration; add $40 for large or complex colour illustration

Please note that the above prices are provisional and could change depending on the complexity of the designs that you choose for your signs.

Provide your own materials

You are more than welcome to provide your own materials for your wedding signs, meaning you will pay only for the artwork! KB Lettering accepts a variety of materials from chalkboards to hardwood pallets to mirrors; in the comments section of the order request form below simply specify what you will be providing, and you will be issued with a quote. If you are providing timber, it is preferred that your surfaces are well sanded so that the paint goes on smoothly (and also so I don't ruin my brushes!). KB Lettering requires at least 1-2 weeks between drop off and pick up of materials in which to complete your artwork.

Order request form

You may fill in the form below to request a booking with KB Lettering. For weddings at least a month away you can reserve your spot either by placing a $50 deposit or paying in full.

Please note that it is an order request form only. Its purpose is to give us an idea of what you have in mind for your special day, so that we can establish whether we can fit your order in before your wedding date and, if so, discuss your ideas and costing in more detail. If you aren't sure of certain details, estimates are fine. After submitting your request you will be contacted by KB Lettering via email. Thanks!

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