My Darling, Today i devote my heart to you...

Wedding vows are the most important promises we will ever make, and yet so often they are left until the last minute, or copied and pasted from the internet. You are about to give your heart to somebody, but how do you put that into words? 

At KB Lettering we understand that not everybody is a talented writer. You want your vows to be unique and personal, but you also want to express them in the best words possible, and it can be frustrating trying to achieve both while experiencing the pressure of wedding planning. But we are here to help! 
Kelsi from KB Lettering has post-graduate qualifications in creative writing and editing, and can help create vows that are perfect for you and your fiancee. 

If you want vows custom-written from scratch, or if you simply want guidance or help editing what you've written yourself, we have a service that will work for you. We can also print or hand-pen your vows onto pocketsized cards for the wedding day, as well as provide a large copy to display on your wall at home as a special memory of your day. 

Just don't leave your vows until the night before your wedding! 

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